Long Shadows

Long Shadows is a collection of 19 interviews with veterans who candidly discuss their paths from military involvement to peace activism. Beginning with a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and ending with a veteran of the Iraq war, each tells a unique story with an individual perspective, and each echoes the message of the futility and destruction of war.

Howard Zinn writes in the forward: "These are veterans with a point of view whose trajectories of belief had many different starting points, took many different paths, but in every case led to an abhorrence of war. ...anti war feeling among veterans has not been given the attention it deserves, and this volume is an attempt to correct that imbalance."

Note: this book is the product of volunteer efforts by all concerned. It started out as a tape recorded oral history project. Over time it morphed to its present form. Although the questions we were responding to in the original version were later eliminated the chronology of the questions remains.

The book will soon be widely available but, when purchased directly from Atwood Publishing, 75% of the proceeds will be donated to our chapter of Veterans For Peace. Click here to order.

Click here to read my chapter online (PDF).